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Pampulha Church


The São Francisco de Assis da Pampulha Church, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, was inaugurated in 1943, with an architectural project by Oscar Niemeyer and restored in 2019. There is a panel by the artist Cândido Portinari,  that was iluminated by Megalux, during the renovation was carried out, enhancing the beauty of this important architectural heritage in Belo Horizonte.


Cine Theater Brasil Vallourec

Cine Theatro Brasil is a historic building in Belo Horizonte, built in 1932 in Praça Sete de Setembro to function as the main cinema and largest theater in the city. In order to preserve this architectural and cultural heritage from Minas Gerais, the building underwent a restoration, including replicas of the Art-Deco-style lamps, made by Megalux.


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